Genuine Whirlpool Kenmore Icemaker Water Valve W10408179

Genuine Whirlpool Kenmore Icemaker Water Valve W10408179
Item# W10408179
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Product Description

This Icemaker Water Fill Valve is a Double Coil Valve designed to replace valve in the Whirlpool refrigerators with ice and water dispensers that are in the door with the filter in the grille. There are different ones and we carry some, so be sure and ask that you are getting the right one.

This particular valve has a green and a red coil. The green coil has 3/16" male terminals and the red coil has 1/4" male terminals. Valve rating is 120V, coil 1: 35W, coil 2: 20W. There are 2 inlets for water and 3 outlets. All instructions and fittings are included in this package.

Also fits Whirlpool made refrigerators including KitchenAid, Roper, Estate by Whirlpool, Kirkland Signature series (Costco) & Kenmore.

Replaces or can be used instead of: 4389177 2186486 2188622 2188708 2188746 2205762 2255457 2304757 2304833 2315534