Supco Replacement Icemaker for GE IM-1, IM-3, UKKIT1

Item# RIM300
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Product Description

It is a direct replacement for the General Electric icemakers and replaces the following part numbers:

8340 IM-1 IM-2 IM-3 IM3R JS2 JS3 MSE1 UKKIT1 UKKIT2 UKKIT3S UKKIT4 UKKIT5 WR29X5144 WR30M149 WR30M153 WR30X112 WR30X129 WR30X134 WR30X138 WR30X141 WR30X142 WR30X147 WR30X148 WR30X159 WR30X163 WR30X169 WR30X170 WR30X175 WR30X176 WR30X186 WR30X187 WR30X199 WR30X203 WR30X209 WR30X211 WR30X213 WR30X214 WR30X234 WR30X237 WR30X238 WR30X239 WR30X241 WR30X253 WR30X253DS WR30X253R WR30X254 WR30X255 WR30X259 WR30X280 WR30X282 WR30X282R WR30X283 WR30X284 WR30X289 WR30X290 WR30X304 WR30X304R WR30X305 WR30X306 R30X307 R30X310 R30X315 WR30X316 R30X318 R30X320 R30X326 WR30X327 R30X328 R30X329 R30X330 AND MANY, MANY OTHERS!

The icemaker kit comes complete with arm, harness and mounting bracket that may be needed in some applications. Sometimes your old cord must be used, but the enclosed cord will fit properly for most applications. Note: This kit does not include the bucket or water valve. This is meant as a replacement of an existing icemaker.

If your icemaker looks like this one, it will likely fit. If this icemaker does not look like yours, do not order it, it may not fit. Check with us with your refrigerator's model number or your old icemaker's part number.