Whirlpool Kenmore Heavy Duty Washer Coupler 285852A 285852

Whirlpool Kenmore Heavy Duty Washer Coupler 285852A 285852
Item# 285852A
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Product Description

This is a brand new coupler for your direct-drive washing machine. This is a heavy duty version of the coupler that Whirlpool puts in commercial laundry machines. If you do large numbers of heavy loads this may be what you need! Fits most washers made by Whirlpool with the direct-drive system (no belt) made since 1984. These washers were produced under the brand names of Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate by Whirlpool, Kirkland Signature (Costco), Inglis (Canadian), Kenmore (Sears) and others.

Replacement Advisory:

There are three options to replace your coupler: 285753 is the most simple, cheaper option. This coupler is easy to install and is the original version. 285753A is the improved version; it comes with a metal insert so it is stronger, but it is more difficult to install due to closer tolerances. 285852 is a heavy-duty version of the above. It is designed for laundromat use washers but fits domestic washers perfectly. It is recommended for heavy-duty use. All three versions are available in our store.

Replaces or can be used instead of: 285753A 203013 280152 285753 8559748 285753 285753A 285753 200167 203013 LP337 285753-EX 80008 LP337 280152 285140 285743 285753 3352470 3363664 3364002 3364003 62672 62693 661560 80008 8559748 TJ90LP337HD 285852A 285852ABULK 285852 285852A 285852BULK 3978849 285852-EX 285852 282378 LP337HD